A Prayer.

An ode to an old friend.

This poem read by me + meditation.

An altar, Of flowers and fire.

A chief, And his equal.

A gathering, Of strangers, And the moon.

This is a prayer, For those here, And those beyond, So we can get well, And remember, Who we once were.

This circle is something different. Something rare. So perfect It feels beyond human hands.

But that’s what makes this ceremony, So special, Friends together, Working to create Not something unique Or beautiful. But something honest, Humble, And pure.

At the center is a grandfather And his grandson Telling stories Of how things once were.

With drums blaring And humming words, Two lovers Share wisdom, And prayers For us. For water. And for the world, To get well.

But these words are sweet, Like singing birds, Or the crashing of waves.

And without notice Teary eyed You and I We remember the truth, Beyond us. The truth of us That we’re all friends With bigger hearts, Than we know. And a bigger hurt, Than we want to know.

But this gathering, Amongst strangers, Now friends Is a glimpse, That nature, Can be a prayer, That can mend all.


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