Exercising in the Morning Versus at Night

I have enjoyed exercising my entire life. When I was younger I exercised mainly through sports like soccer, tennis, running, swimming and other related activities. Now that I’m older my interest in group sports has transitioned more to yoga, running, weights, and outdoor activities. While I have tried exercising both in the morning and at night, I have found morning is a better time to work out for a few reasons:

  1. “Exercise high” — When I work out in the morning, the exercise high lasts throughout the day versus a few hours in the evening before heading to bed. This is great because the chemical reaction occuring in my body from working out puts my mind in a positive and focused state during my most productive hours.

  2. Less distractions — In the mornings most of my friends, family and colleagues are busy doing their own morning routine or simply getting up. This allows me to work out in the morning regularly without distraction.

  3. Control of my mornings — It is rare when I have any engagements in the AM that would distract my morning work out. While in the evening people often schedule drinks, dinners or random things pop up that disturb a daily work out routine.

  4. Less crowded — When working out in the morning, I find the gym and classes are much less busy which makes the entire experience much more relaxing and pleasurable.

While working out in the evening may have its own benefits, the key to a healthy lifestyle is consistency. Bootcamps, 10-day fasts, or other fitness trends are fine on occasion, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle day in, day out, year after year, is key to a healthy life. Having a work out routine that allows you to show up most days and fits into your own lifestyle will be very helpful in avoiding unexpected visits to the doctor’s office!