Giving Tuesdays: Parley.TV — Patriots for Our Oceans

Growing up in an Indian-American home, my family never really went to the beach (most Indians don’t like getting a tan), but over the last few years I started to go more frequently and have fallen in love with the ocean. The water, the sun, sounds, and good times with friends. It’s one of my favorite things.

While I was concerned about our oceans before falling in love with the beach, my awareness of the issues concerning the oceans has definitely grown. Fortunately, there are many bright humans working incredibly hard to solve the problems the oceans face. One such group is Parley.TV. Their mission is to find an alternative to plastic. In the meantime they are helping to clean our shorelines and the oceans, plus cut into the production of new plastic by working directly with businesses that use it in their products. They call this three prong approach — A.I.R — AVOID. INTERCEPT. REDESIGN.

I love Parley for a few reasons. First, because they work to keep the oceans clean. Second, they are an amazing resource for information related to the variety issues facing our oceans; just check out their website. Lastly, and most importantly, because they seem to be taking an innovative approach to the problem by trying to find a true alternative to plastic, and also by working with corporations to replace the new plastic they use with plastic from the ocean that has been collected. One such project was with the shoe maker Adidas on a pair of sneakers made with ocean plastic!

Parley.TV has various ways to get involved. They have many projects you can either volunteer with or donate too. Additionally, they have a cool shop where you can buy one of their products like a bag made from plastic collected from the ocean, which I often use when I get groceries.

If you love the ocean as much as I do, I’m sure it’s frustrating when you see a littered beach or when you read the scary headlines about our oceans. Fortunately, through great organizations like Parley.TV, we can make a difference.

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