Humans are Creatures of Technology, not Nature

If you’re confused as to why we haven’t solved Climate Change or about humanity’s general disregard of Earth, the reason may not be completely obvious. While there is plenty of deserved finger pointing to go around, the deepest and most important reason for humanity’s apathetic efforts to create a sustainable future is because humans are no longer creatures of nature. We have become creatures of technology.

This hasn’t always been the case, but since modern electricity, the industrial revolution, the invention of cars and few other related moments, our relationship with nature has gradually disappeared. We built tall buildings and big houses to protect us from all things called nature. We live in concrete jungles or have cars that take us from one climatized, sanitized space to another. Most days, the closest many of us get to nature is when we turn on the sink to wash our face.

We did this because we wanted various modern amenities and conveniences. We wanted to be protected from the unpredictable and sometimes harsh environment. We wanted to create more flexibility for work and personal life. We want to be able to sit on our couch and “chillax” without having to worry about food or water. I’m not judging these desires, but slowly along the way humanity forgot to ask, “what about nature”?

While I believe we have lost our connection with nature, the truth is that we’re and will always be part of nature. So as the election season rolls up, if the environment is of concern to you, find the candidate who asks that crucial question. It is fine to put your personal economic worries first, but a smart candidate should understand how to deal with both. It doesn’t have to be one or the other as some might lead you to believe. Humanity has proven otherwise at various times in our history when faced with tough challenges.