One Nation Under Stress

I recently watched the HBO documentary with Sunjay Gupta called, “One Nation Under Stress”. It did a nice job detailing how stress and anxiety are impacting Americans and possibly the root causes for many health problems. While it doesn’t dive far into solutions, it did a good job in bringing attention to this important issue. This is a key step in helping individuals realize that the anxiety and stress they are facing isn’t “normal”.

What struck me the most was the fact that life expectancy in America has been on the decline since 2014 (America is the only developed nation where this is occurring) due to “deaths of despair” — deaths from suicide, heroin overdose and alcoholism. At the same time, health care spending in America is the highest of any nation. Something is obviously wrong with our approach.

While these issues are extremely pronounced in the US, similar problems are occurring globally. As a society we need to continue to look at this issue seriously to determine how to better address this problem through both public and private initiatives. Until then we will continue to see stats like these and others going in the wrong direction.

Which is why, when I watch documentaries like this, I am further motivated to create a space and community related to mindful living to help people find mental peace and strength and to create a healthier future for all living things.

Check out the documentary. I’d love to hear your thoughts.