Quick Summary of Sleep’s Role. Key to Success and Good Health

Do you get sick often? Have issues remembering things? A low sex drive perhaps? Poor sleep maybe at the root of these issues. While there is considerable research and information related to sleep, I thought I’d share a quick summary on the benefits of good sleep, negative impact of insufficient sleep and a few tips to getting better sleep. If you wish to learn more, here are a few good resources — the TED Talk below — Sleep is Your Superpower, The Secret to Better Sleep? podcast episode, or check out the book Why We Sleep (got you covered on all mediums 😜).

Some of the key benefits:

  • Important for a healthy balance of testosterone and estrogen

  • Maintaining a strong memory

  • Linked to a strong immune system

In addition, lack of quality sleep contributes to:

  • Alzheimer’s disease

  • Cognitive (memory) decline

  • Weaker immune system, often also contributing to higher risk of various forms of cancer

  • Changes in gene activity leading a weaker immune system and higher likelihood of tumors

Lastly, tips for good sleep:

  • Regulate coffee and alcohol consumption

  • Avoid napping if you have trouble sleeping at night

  • Try to sleep at the same time daily

  • A cool room or bed when sleeping

  • Keep your bedroom primarily for sleeping. Avoid working, watching TV or other things there to help your mind associate sleep with your bedroom

I’d also highly recommend urging your doctor to approve a sleep study. Beware insurance companies often try to get doctors not to prescribe these tests because of the cost. A sleep study is the best way to truly understand how well you sleep.

Many of us are work-alcoholics who live by the motto, “I can sleep when I die”. Unfortunately, if you’re trying to achieve great results and live a long life, going without proper sleep simply seems counterproductive. Go get some rest!