Renewable Energy Generation Eclipse Fossil Fuels in the UK for the First Time.

The other day I was excited to read that the UK generated more electricity from renewable energy sources than fossil fuel. Most of this renewable energy was generated from wind and biomass. This is a major milestone and needs to be recognized. It should also serve as an example to citizens of all nations that progress can be made (hint, hint Italy). That said, the UK still meets much of its energy needs from fossil fuels and has considerable work to do to become a zero emission nation.

Fortunately, the UK, and other nations, can look to a few countries like Iceland, Bhutan, Norway and Costa Rica, who get all or almost all of their electricity from renewable energy. Additionally, fellow EU nation, Sweden hit this target seven years ago and is making solid progress toward becoming a 100% renewable energy production country by 2040.

If you’re a fellow American like me and are curious about the US’s renewable energy progress, well we have considerable work to do. Currently, only 18% of US energy comes from renewable sources. As one of the highest contributors of carbon per capita (and second overall contributor), this should serve as an additional reminder that if climate change is important to you, vote for politicians who are pushing for a renewable future in the 2020 elections.

Either way, it’s always nice to enter the weekend with some hopeful news!

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