Some of Meditation’s Health Benefits Beyond Mental Wellness.

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Unless you have been living in a cave and have only come out to listen to this week’s episode of MeditateYear, you’ve heard about the whole coronavirus situation that’s occurring around the world. Don’t worry I’m not here to provide any news updates or stats. Rather I thought I share some less known information on how meditation can help keep us physically healthy. While meditation is linked to improving mental health, there is solid evidence indicating that meditation can help the body fight all types of infections, including potentially the coronavirus.

To be clear I’m not a doctor and I’m also not recommending to solely rely on meditation to avoid catching the coronavirus or any other illness. That said, studies have shown regular meditation has the ability to help bolster our immune system. In addition, meditation’s trademark benefit of helping bring calm to our minds also means reducing stress. Less stress isn’t only good for our minds, it is also important for strong bodily health. Chronic stress from work and life situations created in our heads can run down our immune system. This in turn can lead to inflammation which can leave us susceptible to getting common (and less common) infections. So having a calm mind isn’t only helpful to tackle challenging mental and emotional problems but also illnesses.

Our mind is connected to every part of our body. If we scratch even the smallest part of our body we notice it. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that our minds are tightly connected to our organs and immune systems. And while eating well and staying physically in shape are important to having a healthy body, our minds likely play an even more important role in keeping us strong. So much so that our mind can impact our DNA and the life span of our cells. If this is where you’d expect me to jump in and say there is solid evidence that a meditation routine can slow cell aging, you are correct. Nice job! It appears to be true based on a meta analysis of four different studies.

While staying away from large crowds and keeping our hands clean are likely the best methods of prevention with regards to COVID-19, it would appear meditation can help as well. So if you are looking for additional ways to stay healthy and strong during these crazy times and beyond, hopefully this gives you another reason to meditate on a regular basis. Doing your mind…and body good. Stay safe!

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