The Day We Throw $3 Billion in the Trash

While I believe costumes can be a fun way to express our weird and creative side, unfortunately this often comes with a major consequence. In particular, the environment. Each year, Americans across US spend more than $3 billion on costumes for Halloween. Once the day is concluded, often these costumes find their way to the trash, leading to more waste and increased methane emissions into the air. Not to mention, many costumes aren’t meant to last or to be recycled (PVC is cheap and hard to recycle).

So this year, instead of going to a local costume shop or buying something on Amazon, here are some suggestions:

  1. See if you can exchange an old costume with a friend

  2. Go to your local thrift store (or your favorite online second hand store) for odd looking clothing items

  3. Search for easy to create costume ideas with clothes or items you may have around the house

Do you guys have any other tips?

The holidays are a great time to get together with family and friends, but let’s also try to take it as another opportunity to live mindfully and find creative ways to have fun while not having a negative impact on the environment.