What Is Internal Peace? Part I

The sensation of no conflict, A forest as it was designed, A clear sky, on an empty beach.

What I’m describing shouldn’t be mistaken as perfection. No. It exists here.

In between the bustling city streets, And the quarreling remarks of companions.

A long pause, That tastes like vacation, And looks like the quiet of a distant skyline. That stillness.

So still it’s easily missed, And usually is. This is where we are, Painfully lost, By our nature, Out of balance.

But while the confusion of the night exists, The light of a new day is near, And what we’re truly seeking, Can be too.

I struggled much of my life with mental peace and anxiety. After years of trying everything (I seriously tried a lot of things), I could to find lasting mental peace, meditation, specifically Vipassana meditation, brought me a calm and happiness to my life I had never felt before. I’m extremely grateful and always happy to share any knowledge and insight I’ve gained from my practice. That said, this poem captures what internal peace feels to me after years of living life without it. I hope it resonates or inspires others.

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