Why The Bag?

Imagine your local Chipotle, Sweetgreen or deli around 12:30/1 pm Monday through Friday and the hundreds of people that grab lunch to go from these places each day with a bag for their burrito, salad bowl or sandwich. It’s estimated, that globally we use 1 TRILLION plastic bags a year. If you think about it, the life span of those bags is literally, 1–10 minutes. Max! The time it takes to walk or drive from the restaurant to the office. And why the bag? To be honest I don’t have a clear answer. The best idea I can come up with is that people aren’t paying attention when they’re paying and grabbing their food. Plus, many places put the food into a bag by default, which in fairness makes it even easier to miss (pssss restaurants maybe you can ask first before giving a bag).

If we want to positively impact Climate Change or see humanity move to a more sustainable future, we need to work together to tackle the problem from various angles. By not only taking big steps, like clean energy and transportation but by also making small changes to our daily routine that add up. Like bringing our own bag when shopping or simply refusing a bag when not required. This requires us to be mindful and motivating those around us to do the same.

You might be thinking on these lines already, so it is important we spread the word. Please help spread this message by sharing this post with your friends or someone who might not have noticed he/she doing this. And don’t forget, “no bag please.”

PS. this can work for holiday shopping too ;)

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